6 Social Media Optimization Strategies to Increase Website Traffic

Two important tools available on the internet and are at the disposal of business owners, right now, are websites and social media.

Creating your website may take lots of work, but once it has been developed, it becomes a very powerful platform which you can build your business on. But getting your target audience to visit the website is another challenge, and social media provides one of the best ways to address this.

Here are six strategies that you can use social media optimization to increase the visitor traffic in your website:

  1. Develop a plan and follow it – Not having a plan at the onset will most probably lead to some of your content not properly getting through. Creating one will help you identify the correct social media tool to use, the content that should be highlighted, and even the number of posts or tweets you need to target within a day. Creating a weekly schedule can help you map out your activities and the corresponding content.

  2. Each Social Media Channel should be Treated Differently – Each social media channel that you will use will also have different types of people using them. Adjust your content to fit the audience that you are communicating to. For example, LinkedIn has more business oriented people using it, so content should be more in-depth and professional.

  3. 110% Customer Service – A personal message via Facebook or Twitter without any response leads to loss of trust from the audience. On the other hand, a timely response leads to a very satisfied customer and most probably longer lasting trust. This is regardless of whether the message or feedback that you receive is positive or negative. Treat this attempt to reach out to you as an opportunity to reach back.

  4. Maximize on Mistakes – Because a mistake is bound to happen, at least once. And treating it like it is the end of the world will not make anything better. Learn from the mistake or if possible, use it to your advantage.

  5. Track your data and discuss it – Data from your social media channels (number of likes, follower growth, clicks) is a very effective way of seeing how your website is doing compared to other businesses. It also gives you hard data on what strategies may or may not be working.

  6. Stay active – As obvious as it may sound, always be online (if possible), and keep updating your channels. At this day and age, the attention span of people tend to wane very quickly. A new post or tweet every now and then keeps the interest (and partnership) going.

These are just some of the many strategies that can increase traffic in your business’s website. Specific strategies can also be developed for specific types of businesses. To learn more about this and developing your own website, you can reach us via Viiworks website or call us at +632-846-8844 or email us at info@viiworks.com.


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