Why Your Business Needs a Website


Whether you are a small-scale business owner, or you are running a giant company that caters to both local and international audience, the ultimate goal has always been to win over customers.

Business owners do this differently and, through time, they have become rather creative at it.

Some give out huge discounts on their products and services while others do bundling (combining of several products and selling it as one).

But however different businesspeople are doing this, there is one effective tool they are taking advantage of—the power of a well-designed website.


Why does your business really need a website?

1. It speaks credibility


There is nothing more disappointing for customers than finding out that the business they are looking for has no presence online. More so, a website. It worries them, and they often resort to dealing with businesses who have.

It means lost sales for you, and it can hurt your business big time.

Having a website does not only tell your customers about your products and services, it also tells them that you mean business and you are in this for a long time. That boosts up your credibility as a business.


2. Your business will always be accessible


Convenience is something customers are always after, and this fast-changing business environment demands just that.

Customers have become so used to having everything at the tip of their fingers that business owners today could not afford to stay confined within their regular brick-and-mortar stores anymore.

They must adapt, and adapting means giving exactly what your customers want … and more. Your business must be present and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because sales never sleep. This is where a website helps you.

It provides 24/7 accessibility to your audience even when your physical store is closed.

Whether your customers are up to set an appointment to your store, or are ready to make a purchase, a website can cover these for you.


3. It helps you target a wider audience


One clear thing about having a physical store is that it is geographically limited in terms of reach. Sure, you can have a reliable business with loyal customers under its roof. But it is not enough.

You have to target more to earn more.

A website helps you reach and connect to a wider audience as long as they have internet connection. Put it with well-thought of keywords and a good design, Search Engines can easily crawl for your business and display it on online searches from all over the world.


4. It easily encourages engagement


Customers today have become wiser and more careful when dealing with businesses. Gone are the days when they were impulsively buying products online only to regret it in the end because it did not live up to their expectations.

Today, they are doing their research. They are scouring websites after websites for product reviews before they patronize it themselves.

So, when putting up a website for your business, make sure you include an area where your loyal customers can post product reviews as they encourage more and more customers to choose your business over others.

As a final note, your business needs a website because people spend more time online today than they ever did before.

In fact, in the Philippines alone, Filipinos spend an average time of 10 hours a day in 2018, an hour longer than the time spent everyday on 2017.

You have to be there when they look for products and actually decide to make a purchase.

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