4 Reasons a Website is More Important than Facebook

The website is currently one of the most important tools business owners use to run their companies; be it as a marketing tool, a source of information or a simple way of communicating to stakeholders. Right now, two of the more popular ways of handling business on the internet is through social media, specifically Facebook, and/ or a website.

Ever since Facebook’s introduction in 2004, people have developed different uses for it in their lives: to form groups, promote parties/ events, or as an online platform for businesses. It really has its advantages, it’s free, it has a billion users and very simple to use.

So how does the website even begin to compare to it?

Here are 4 reasons why the website is still and will always be more important than Facebook:

  1. The website is yours and Facebook is not – Remember social media sites like Friendster and MySpace? What are they now? If Facebook disappears, your business disappears with it. A website will not do that, though. It will stay for good, as long as you are maintaining it, and it grows in value, as long as you are taking care of it.

  2. People look for your website – Because this isn’t how social media works. Many people believe that Facebook is currently “the place to be”, but this may also lie on what type of business you have. Other forms of social media may be more effective, like Linkedin or Pinterest. A well-marketed website, on the other hand, makes your target audience look for YOU.

  3. Your Website does not stop working – With so many people using Facebook, it is very difficult to get through all the noise. Sometimes, you actually have to time it properly. An efficiently working website though, is around 24/7. A customer/ client researching about your products and services at 1AM? With a website, no problem.

  4. Selling through your website might be easier – because people using Facebook generally have a different mindset. A pitch through a PM won’t work. Maybe to provide customer support or as a communication tool, Facebook can be effective. But many businesses have still been struggling with this.

Don’t get this article wrong though, social media presence is still very important. There are still many features in a social media tool that is more effective than a website. BUT, a website is still MORE important than any social media tool, including Facebook, because above anything else, it is your own piece of property in the vast world of the internet.

At the end of the day it is not an “either-or” concern, but actually an “and” solution. It is somehow better to have both a website AND social media presence for better online success.

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