Secrets to Designing the Best Brochure That Will Represent Your Business

The fact is that you cannot physically be in two places at once. At least your company brochure can travel to many locales, letting prospective and present customers know about your brand. An efficient brochure will briefly but clearly summarize what your firm is about and what it does, while a poorly made one will frustrate or confuse potential clients and steer them to your competitors.

If you are making the best brochure to boost sales or introduce customers to a new service or product, you must be thinking about what to do to garner positive responses. Keep in mind that this project will require you to spend on many things, including printing, graphic design, photography and writing. But cost is not the only thing that you should be concerned with. All of the literature you distribute will leave a lasting impression on your prospective clients. Give them a negative impression, and you may alienate customers or lose sales.

So how will your future sales fliers or brochures be effective? Here are some vital secrets to designing the best brochure or flier that will represent your business:

  1. Know your customers
    Understand your customers before sitting down with your team and brainstorming on your next brochure. Why will they want to purchase your products or services? What significant purpose will it have for them, or what solutions can your services or products offer them? If you cannot answer these questions, ask your customers or salespeople and they will tell you what your flier needs.
  2. Use AIDA as your design model
    This acronym stands for “Attention, Interest, Desire, Action”. For your brochure to be considered efficient, it must attract attention, keep the interest of the prospect, encourage them to desire the service or product, and entice them to take a course of action (examples include returning a post card, calling and scheduling an appointment, or buying now).
  3. Keep your brochure cover free from an image of your building
    You have every right to be proud of your company, especially if it has expanded. Keep in mind though, that your customers are probably not concerned about how much your business has grown, or how huge your workplace is. They only want to know if your services or products will take care of what they need or want. Maximize the space on your flier for advertising your products and services and persuading the customers to make a purchase.
  4. One word: Sell
    Your prospects and customers are only concerned about their business or themselves, not about your firm or what it does. Your brochure must concentrate on the benefits that your products and services will provide them if you want their attention. Keep in mind that people do not purchase answering machines just to store messages. They use these devices to make sure that they never miss important calls.
  5. Apply graphics and headlines which will interest your audience
    It only takes a few seconds for a typical reader to glance at a brochure cover and think about reading further or not. If you use boring graphics or headlines on the cover of your flier, only a few people will bother reading all the way.
  6. Utilize headlines that are benefits-oriented
    The moment your recipient is interested and opens your flier, he or she will quickly skim the content inside. Make sure that your headlines keep them interested and guide them through the content.
  7. Bullets are good for highlighting the key features of your services or products
    Business people and consumers alike are often busy and are swarmed by advertisements every day. This is why they normally skim through content. Make use of bullet points that will guide them to the next course of action you want them to perform.
  8. Create inspiration for acting now
    Your efforts in attracting attention or generating desire and interest will be wasted if your prospects have no reason to take the course of action you want them to. The customer will end up moving on to another interesting thing and throw away your flier. Some frequently used offers that manage to entice consumers to buy include purchase rebates for a particular date, free gifts upon purchase within a specified date, and special discounts that expire after a few days. Your brochure can also remind customers to buy now because of limited quantities (assuming they are really rare) or because they will become more expensive over time.
  9. Open your lines of communication
    The best brochure will include important details about your company, including your website URL, phone number and business name if your customers want to contact you. It is also a good idea to add links to your social media accounts like Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your brand and what it does.

    Use these secrets to designing brochures that will best represent your business, and your company will surely grow!

For brochure inspiration check out the gallery and links below:


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