To Youtube or Not to Youtube?

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There are many video-sharing sites available online now, but YouTube is still the one on top. Compared to other video-sharing sites, it is, by-far, the one with most number of users (viewers and uploaders) and most number of traffic. For a lot of marketers, it can be a wise strategy to use YouTube as a social media marketing tool. Although, like most tools in marketing, it can also have its share of pros and cons.

Since YouTube already has a wide community base and the brand has even become a household name, the Video Marketing feature of the site is still fairly new in the online marketing arena. Below are some of the pros and cons that may be encountered when using this new online marketing strategy:


  1. Easy Sharing: Each video has a sharing option that can be clicked by users to make the video go viral. Comments can be made about the video, it can be recommended to networks in Facebook, Twitter or email. Leveraging on these social media sites maximizes the opportunity to share the video.
  2. Low Cost: With the least and most basic requirements anyone can shoot a video and then upload them on YouTube. Uploaded videos will appear in YouTube and Google Search engines and can go viral with millions of views, introduce a brand and its company-without much cost.
  3. Strategic Tagging: YouTube is ranked as the second highest trafficked site, globally. This means that in a month about 60 million viewers may encounter your products and services through YouTube. They also have a feature that allows you to tag your videos with keywords that may consist of words or phrases that can make videos appear in users’ related searches.


  1. Content is Overridden by Concept: Since videos make use of visual and auditory stimulation, getting people to view and leading them to your videos requires a great concept, with the content subliminally inserted.
  2. More Attraction Required: Most content available online is usually text-based. In videos, viewers watch from beginning to end, so it must be enticing enough for a viewer to find meaning in the video. Internet connection should also be a consideration, so an average of three minutes must be the target time for your video.
  3. Search Hits are Based on Freshness of Videos: Commonly, in Google Search, older posts or content are brought up to top results since the page has incurred more backlinks and has more credibility online. YouTube, on the other hand, newer videos as top-rated hits. So for videos to be ranked higher, and produce honors, they must either be resubmitted or re-uploaded.

Online Marketing through YouTube is just one of the man tools available that a brand or company can take advantage of these days.

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