Teenpreneurs: Inspiring Stories of Success (Part 1 of 2)

There are an estimated 1 billion teenagers around the world today. These people are considered as adolescents during the early teenage years, while those who are 18 and 19 years old are already young adults.

Teenagers experience several changes that affect their creativity, energy levels, development, personality, and their overall impression of life. Teenagers often display characteristics such as curiosity and optimism while asserting their independence. They are often very conscious about how they look and are often affected by how their peers think of them.

Teens Who Made A Difference

Despite the trials and tribulations of this phase, no one can deny the potential of these young individuals to make a difference in the world. These teenagers have managed to break the mold and make a name for themselves in SEO and other lines of business:

Mallory Kievman and Hiccupops

A 13-year old girl from Manchester, Connecticut was able to invent lollipops that help cure or prevent hiccups. In the summer of 2010, Mallory was on a mission to discover a remedy for hiccups that really works. She used different methods to control her hiccups including tasting pickle juice, sipping water from a glass while bent over, eating one tablespoon of sugar, activating her gag reflex, and drinking saltwater.

The methods were not effective by themselves, but Mallory’s ambition and determination to find a real remedy for hiccups prevailed. It took her around 100 tries for two years, but she was finally able to achieve her objective with the Hiccupops. Currently, she is in the process of setting up an enterprise to promote and commercialize her wonder product.

Caine Monroy and Caine’s Arcade

Nirvan Mullick is a filmmaker who uploaded a video documentary of Caine Monroy, a 9-year-old boy who built a cardboard amusement arcade to fund his college education. Since it was posted in April 2012, people have viewed this video clip more than six million times.

Fans were inspired to share their own videos about their cardboard innovations, and even went as far as donating over $200,000 to Caine’s college fund. Mullick and the team behind the video documentary founded the Imagination Foundation. The organization is dedicated to finding, fostering, and funding the entrepreneurship and creativity in children.


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