Defending Your Website From Negative SEO: Five Simple Tips

White hat search engine optimization (SEO) is considered the right way to optimize a website for better search engine results ranking. Black hat SEO does the exact opposite of this. An individual or company that applies these methods is being unscrupulous or dishonest in order to gain higher page rank and more web traffic.

These search engine optimization techniques are commonly used by affiliate marketers who want instant results. As a webmaster, if you keep using these tactics, your efforts will eventually end up having a negative outcome.

Both white and black hat SEO has different on-page optimization and off-page optimization procedures. People may even apply a Black Hat technique at times, thinking that they are not doing anything bad. The bottom line is that you will alter the outcome and mislead people if you use a Black Hat method. Here are five widely used Black Hat SEO services you must always steer clear of:

1) Invisible Text
Invisible text may be applied to on-page optimization or off-page optimization to cramp links on a website without making it look like a mess. The designer will put lots of keywords and links in one area of the site, and then change the font color to the background so that nobody can see it.

2) Link Doorways
As long as the SEO server can take it, a website can have plenty of pages. A number of designers make phony pages just for links, making it easier for search engine spiders to find their site.

3) Disparate Link Exchanges
In the world of SEO services, the efficiency of link sharing is being debated upon. It is alright to share links with a related affiliate or supplier site, but others just share links at random.

4) Automatic Content
When it comes to search engine optimization, “Content is king”. There are many computer programs that produce automated content. This method will advocate failure because it may be quick and cheap, but it will have issues with legibility and grammar.

5) Keyword Stuffing
Webmasters often use this Black Hat SEO scheme by filling the content and the site with relevant and irrelevant keywords. The site will temporarily get a high ranking, but visitors will immediately leave because they will not understand the disorganized site.