5 Endangered Species Fighting Against the Internet

It can’t be denied that the internet has changed how the world works. A person in Manila can learn about the weather in New York through one click, a child can find the street of his home through a satellite map… so many opportunities have been opened, but at the same time, some are also closing.



Like the internet, when television was introduced to the public, it became an instant hit and eventually became a necessity for households worldwide. With the TV boom also came a proliferation of TV shows and series. But now, with the internet, shows can be downloaded into computers, saved in discs and thumb drives, and played in smart TVs and laptops. Viewers no longer have to wait for 7:00PM, Sunday night to watch the latest episode of the Simpsons.



Though there are still many people who like to go about the “old” way of shopping in malls or supermarkets but the internet has also introduced a new kind of shopping: ONLINE. Thanks to credit cards and payment gateways, consumers do not have to leave their homes anymore to buy a gift for mom or eat at McDonald’s. With one click a box of chocolates can be on your doorstep in 4 hours, or a happy meal can be on your kid’s lap in thirty minutes or less (or its on them!).

Video Rental

video rental

With Blockbuster closing, video rental may actually be an extinct species altogether. Because of paid and free movie downloads, the concept of even renting out a movie for Friday night is all but a memory to the older generations. May all the betamaxes, VHS’s and Laser Discs rest in peace.

Brand Loyalty

brand loyalty

Through the internet different brands from small start up companies to giant companies like Coke are given almost the same amount of opportunity to reach their target audiences. To some traditional marketers, this could seem like a bad thing since consumers are blasted with more choices and information, making them confused. It may seem like a good thing to non-conventional marketers as this levels the field through online marketing and gives consumers the chance to express their freedom of choice.

Concept of Being Alone


Communication has become faster and easier than ever. Even people who cannot leave their beds can now communicate with the world. To many this is one of the greater gifts of the internet, but to some it may have also erased any concept of privacy the world once had.

Positive or negative, good or bad, the internet is definitely here to stay. The one thing that everyone can and should do is adapt to the change that it is bringing about. Negative perceptions should be turned into challenges and goals. Limitations can be turned into opportunities. The internet opens up more opportunities to customers and consumers, alike through online marketing.

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