UX and UI Design: What Are The Differences?

Explaining what makes user experience (UX) design different from user interface (UI) design can be a challenge for anybody, since most websites that offer this information tend to be technical (requiring pie charts or diagrams) or highly specialized. Worse, they may have their own misconceptions about the subject due to gaps in their knowledge, or refer to internal understanding as opposed to knowledge.


UI and UX designs are analogous to the relationship between a horse and its rider. While UI refers to the reigns, stirrups, and the saddle, UX is more about the feeling the rider will get from riding the horse. The former is psychomotor, while the latter is cognitive. They deal with different parts of the brain, but are nonetheless closely related.

UX Designers Demystified

These people utilize their skills in design and research to understand what the consumer wants. They generate designs, solutions, aesthetics and concepts for individuals to use. To achieve this, they have to fully concentrate on comprehending what leads people to do a certain action – their psychology and human behavior in general – that uses the creative side of the brain. The majority of these designers can explain why a particular action is performed, but they may be unable to create something that is operational.

The UI Developer

This team uses technical skills and design sensibilities to build the middle ground, a communicative environment for the user complete with tools and widgets to get things done. They can easily make an excellent functional component for an electronic device or Web browser. These are the people you know who can design in Adobe Photoshop and then transform these assets into HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) website code that is compatible with today’s latest browsers. You need to have intimate, comprehensive knowledge of how the browsers behave and work, how to perfectly line up your text, images, and other media to create an environment conducive for productivity.

Extra Roles of the Developers

UX developers concentrate on how the user will interact with the navigation, content, and the layout that they keep an eye on. They generate wireframes, prototypes, workflows, and sitemaps to build the skeleton of the software. UI developers focus on the functionality and the detail of the interface that users will interact with. This team generates the front-end code and visual composition to polish the finished product.