Freebie Marketing 101: What You Need to Know

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In the world of marketing and advertising, there’s only one word that sparks interest more than “Sale”, and that is no other than the word “Free”. Admit it or not, everyone loves to get something for free every now and then (even if it means waiting in line for hours).

With this in mind, many businesses are looking into Freebie Marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategy- may it be online or traditional. But what is Freebie Marketing really? Let’s discuss.

Defining Freebie Marketing

As the name implies, Freebie Marketing is a marketing strategy where a free resource or item is offered to your audience in order to gain sales, brand recognition or hype. It is designed to lure customers and encourage them to give your business a second look.

Benefits of Freebie Marketing

Although the benefits of freebie marketing has long been established, many businesses are still reluctant to include this technique as part of their online marketing strategy.

Questions such as “Is freebie marketing counterintuitive to gaining sales?” are not uncommon. And at a cursory look, you may also jump at the same conclusion. But there’s more to it than what meets the eye. Unconvinced? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Visibility
    Freebies and strategic pricing are an effective for people to know more about your products and services. By catching their attention, you’re giving consumers a reason to choose you over the competition.
  • Branding
    Brand marketing is very important if you want to gain online success. If people don’t recognize your brand, then chances are they will be less inclined to purchase from you. Freebies allow you to establish your brand in a positive manner.
  • Increased Fan Base
    Who doesn’t like free items, right? When consumers receive something good for free, they will be more than happy to tell their friends about it. What does it mean for you? More customers, of course.

Why Freebie Marketing Works

Imagine walking into a store and see the most delectable chocolate cake ever. You go to the cashier to order and they say that you get another slice for free. What a treat, don’t you think? And because you were so happy to get the freebie, you share your great find to your friends on Facebook (and most likely buy more items on the shelf).

This is why freebie marketing works. It does more than just offer a product; it appeals to the consumer’s emotions. It makes them feel happy and valued. Your goal in freebie marketing is not just to increase sales but to offer value to your customers.

However, you need to keep in mind this is not a fool-proof strategy. There are several factors that may affect the results of your freebie marketing. You need to set clear goals and guidelines with reasonable KPIs our outputs. Just like any marketing strategy, this requires preparation and can’t be left to chance.

Choosing Your Freebie

Now that you know the basics of freebie marketing, the next stage is to determine what your freebie would be. The choice of freebie depends on your business and your marketing goals. Do you wish to gain more sales? Are you looking for more “likes” on your Facebook page? Or do you want to attract new customers?

It would be a good idea as well to check for popular keywords. Research on the most common terms used when searching for freebies, and incorporate that with your product name or brand.

You also have to understand the needs of your target audience. What customer concerns or problems you can address by offering your freebie? Will it provide value for them? In addition, you have to make sure it is in line with your business. You have to make sure that you can deliver your promise.

Types of Freebie Offering

The type of freebie to give your audience depends on your business and your marketing goals. Time and resources are also important considerations. Below are some of the most common freebies you can use:

  • Whitepapers
    Whitepapers are similar to ebooks but are geared towards a different market particularly B2B companies. They are designed to provide tips or information that may help the intended audience.
  • Reports
    Reports are collated information about a specific product or industry. It can be about the latest trends or statistics.
  • eCourses
    Free eCourses or online courses is another example of an effective freebie you can utilize. You can offer free course on online marketing, web design or a tutorial on one of the services you provide.
  • Ebooks
    eBooks are one of the most popular type of freebie offered online these days. This is because it’s easy to create and distribute.
  • Graphic Design
    If your business is all about design, you might want to offer free design templates to your audience. Not only will it help increase brand awareness, it’s also a great way to showcase your skills or services.

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