Find Great Images For Your Website

Almost all of the websites you have ever visited feature an image or two on any given page. Whether the image is used as a logo, a header, illustration, or some other purpose, you will notice that all of the sites (from the less popular to the most successful) apply digital photos.

Find Great Images

It Is All About the Logo

The logo marks the flagship image of your website, so you have to focus a majority of your design and development efforts on it. Regardless of where you will position this image on the site, make certain that you plan ahead carefully and prioritize its placement over any other picture you intend to add. This is because your logo will eventually represent your enterprise brand.

There are a number of websites that provide a library of free stock images. While the pictures may look appealing and unique, you along with countless other users who searched, found and applied the image are likely doing so for very different purposes. Keep things original and use stock images with care. Here is a list of sites from which you can source fonts, photos and other graphic elements:

Fonts that are Cheap or Free to Use

  • (This is an online database with around 3000 fonts that can be used for free)
  • Indezine on fonts. (This site lists the top ten sites for fonts)
  • iFree. (Australian site with links to freeware and fonts)
  • 1001 (You can download 4000 fonts for $9.95)

Good and Free Fonts

  • Robin Good (A page that will help the user find great images)
  • The Photoshop Tutorial Blog (It lists sites with free images)
  • Freepixels. (It is a library of around 2000 images)
  • Everystockphoto. (It indexes more than 283,000 free images)
  • Stick.xchng (It is a library of around 200,000 images)
  • Image*After (A big online collection of free pictures)
  • Flickr’s Creative Commons pool (Browse the many pictures that people post using Flickr via CC license)
  • Morgue File (this offers free photos to be used as reference material)

Good and Cheap Images

  • Creative Express (This library has 75,000 Getty images. The user can download a maximum of 50 clear images a day for a yearly or monthly premium subscription)
  • (The user can download high-resolution images, ranging in price from $1 to $4.


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