4 Guidelines for Giving Website Conversions a Boost


When it comes to the topic of “website optimization” (this term refers to the art, and oftentimes science, of amplifying conversion rates and refining the performance of a website), the most common question you may ask yourself is, “How will I begin this process?”

The thing is that you can basically make use of limitless methods to make your website look and perform better. You are only limited by factors like resources and time. When the website optimization procedure is executed well, it will result in substantial gains in revenue and conversion rates. Giving your conversion rates a significant boost is absolutely critical, since this is the basis for high sales figures.

So what is a conversion anyway?

Web conversions are factors which will have the biggest impact in the success (or failure) of your objectives and online marketing strategy. Each conversion means that you were able to convince the people who visited your site to do something for you, whether they had to fill out a contact/lead form, get a whitepaper from your website by downloading it, sign up for a webinar or a newsletter, or purchase whatever product or service you are providing.

Even if your business has a website that promotes your brand, improper web optimization will render it useless since it will not generate leads and turn website visits into sales.

Whether this is the first time you are working on this, or if you are well versed in it, you must make sure that the webpages contain a number of important elements that are vital for boosting conversions. The first thing your campaign must have is a CMS (Content Management System) that will let you to add or edit the content in the site.

The following tips will make sure that your corporate marketing site will have an increased conversion rate:

Pay attention to your meta descriptions and page title tags

Each page in your site must have a meta description and title tag with an ample amount of keywords. These elements are important because they are normally the first impression of your business that is given to potential visitors. This is based on what they will see in organic search results, so it is best to make use of keywords so that customers will click through.

Every meta description and title tag has to stand out from the other aspects of your website. Put your keywords here, but make them concise. Since the ideal meta description must be around the range of 120 to 150 characters, you have to be creative when it comes to producing a title which will represent your page. Your efforts so far will help your corporate site show up in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), but you have to make your words encouraging enough for users to click on the link to your page. This is where the “calls-to-action” comes in.

Test the headlines after writing them

The next crucial part of your business site is the headline, as this will be the first thing your visitors will see the moment they land on your page after clicking on your link from the SERP. Make sure to think carefully about what message your headline will convey, as the average internet user will have an attention span of a few seconds before moving on to something he or she finds interesting.

What subjects do your readers want to know about? What are the topics which are currently trending in your industry? How will you be able to keep the readers interested in your content, and ultimately convince them to do the action that you want them to? The secret here is offering a reward for people who stayed and read your website copy.

Utilize the “calls-to-action”.

These CTA or Calls-to-action phrases are usually found in headlines, buttons and links which are used to incite an action from potential customers who are in your site. Be creative about your messages and compare them to see which ones are the most effective for increased web conversions.

The CTAs that are common in most e-commerce websites nowadays are “Buy This Product Now!” and “Add to Shopping Cart”, and you can try replacing “Sign Up” with “Get a FREE account now!” or “Want Some Free Music?” instead of the plain “Click Here” phrase. These calls-to-action will be best for your web optimization activities because they will generate a desire to do something at that moment.

Implement forms which are easy to submit.

Once you are able to convert a potential buyer into a sale, the customer has to fill up and submit a form that your site provides. Remember that a simple form is an easy form, so keep your form fields at a bare minimum so that the consumer can give you the necessary information without the frustration.

You can get other conversion techniques from this infographic:

Website Conversion and Usability Checklist

Use these guidelines and you will surely give your website conversions a boost!

Help Your Business Grow By Connecting With Influencers


Connecting with other people via your favorite social media platforms has evolved from a mere niche activity to a trend which continues to capture the attention of internet users around the world.

Based on a study conducted by the Nielsen Company, over 67% or two-thirds of the entire online population would regularly visit “member communities” such as blogs and various social networking websites. A survey that was done by Variety magazine showed that six out of ten (or 60%) teenage correspondents are more likely to trust and buy products which are recommended by celebrities on YouTube instead of Hollywood stars. Finally, a survey campaign that was organized by Burst Media (a known digital agency) emphasized that adding influencers to a marketing plan will increase its chances for success.

So what is an influencer?

These people have the power to control the opinions of a particular audience because of their extensive reach, authoritative voice and huge network of viewers, readers or followers.

Their talents and “influence” are made use in a form of social marketing that is known as Influencer Marketing, where the marketers will make a list of these special individuals who made use of podcasts, video clips and blogs to propel themselves into celebrities in the world of social media.

The moment these people have become so popular to the point that they have their own sponsors (these are advertisers who reimburse them so that they can position advertisements in their content), social influencers will then have the ability to inspire others who want to try doing what they do.

In the networking space of today, you have to make use of your time well and be careful with the people you choose to connect with. The internet is composed of two types of networkers: the seekers and the posters. Your target market is considered the seekers because they are usually online to look for a particular service or product.

On the other hand, your business is considered the poster since your brand utilizes marketing strategies like offers, guidelines and other resources of relevant information to help sell your products and services. The best places to find seekers include fan pages, online groups, forums and various discussion areas.

Influencer Marketing Is The New King Of Content

How can you help your brand grow with influencers?

To get started, consider creating profiles in the top three social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These websites contain large online communities that are overflowing with potential influencers. It will be easy to find these high-level networkers since they are often online, with their detailed and completed profiles, and with more than 500 connections following them.

Examples of these people include the media, executives and the decision makers who have become the movers and shakers in their specific industry. Do not be discouraged from sending a connection request even if you do not know them personally, since your business can show them what it can do for them, not just what they can do for your brand.

Another effective tactic used by social marketing is interacting with online users in forums, blogs or groups that express their interest in products or services like the ones your brand is offering. Feel free to send contact requests and inform your potential connections to expect these invitations. Tell them that they share your interests and that you want to continue developing your professional network. If no one or only a few users accept your request, have your social influencers endorse the brand, and watch your numbers go up!

Just how powerful is the influence of these individuals anyway?

When it comes to promoting your brand, why are these celebrities of social media taking center stage every time? The answer is simple: More people are glued to their electronic devices or computers instead of spending time in a movie theater or even the TV.

The fact is that these gadgets are better suited to go with their outgoing lifestyle. This means that any business that wants the current target audience to trust its marketing has to get rid of traditional media and make use of consumer-to-consumer marketing or peer-generated content to drive trust.

Do you want to instantly attract potential customers to your brand using the social media platforms? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Most of the social media users who are within the ages of 13 to 24 tend to stop and read rebellious messages (posts that and funny and gave them the impression that they did not have to grow up).
  • A lot of people on social media respond well to posts from influencers that convey reflective messages (these posts made people feel like they were not alone when they experienced something or felt a particular emotion).
  • Because many people have gotten used to finding content like these on their favorite social media platforms, they will most likely gravitate to a business that offers content like that. It is to your best interest to incorporate influencer marketing in your brand for it to succeed.