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BVR pursues to bring high-level beach volleyball programs in a fun and interactive manner.

- Web Design & Development

- Mobile Responsive

- Web Hosting

- On-site SEO

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They aim to provide an avenue for athletes wherein they can train and hone their skills.
They believe that their love for the Beach Volleyball unites them and helps bring forth a strong community of aspiring athletes, working together towards making Philippines the Asia’s hub for Beach Volleyball.

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Fun, friendly, and interactive. 

These are the points where we focused the design and development of BVR’s website. It displays light colors with simple and intuitive navigation to maintain the friendly vibe and attract more visitors.

Just like any of our clients, BVR’s website is designed to be responsive across various screen sizes, with a clear call to action buttons to send its message across its target audience. In addition, it is also made social media ready and search engine optimized to drive more sports enthusiasts into the site.