14 Best Online Marketing Ideas You Could Do For Your Business

Best online marketing tips

Here are a collection of effective strategies for promoting online businesses. These can essential increase your website’s traffic bringing you more customers and business ROI.

1. Increase visibility in your community.

Using a selected channel to where you nourish your community, you have to be a regular moderator and conversationalist. People want to interact with a human and you can do that online by being engaging and regularly answering inquiries. Forums are usual places of community interaction.

2. Participate in online marketing groups.

You can find these in many places like LinkedIn, Google+ (community) and Facebook. You don’t necessarily own these groups but you can join in to participate in discussions. These places connote professionalism and expertise and being a known voice in this circle will bring wonders for your network.

3. Submit information to blogs.

This is most effective if you submit or guest post in an authority blog earning expert credibility, potential increase in traffic and SEO juice from a link you placed in the post or article.

This does not imply to center all your efforts in guest posting. A content’s worth will show its effectiveness through comments and number of shares regardless of the post’s location.

4. Reward Existing customers.

Websites like Mashable and tutorial sites have a badge system wherein you earn a specific badge from a cumulation of activities you did on the website. It epitomizes a sense of accomplishment for the visitor and will initiate further engagement. It’s similar to card cash bank systems, wherein you earn points you can later use through continuous card use.

5. Get your customers to bring in new customers.

This can be considered as incentives for new and regular customers. Some voucher sites had done this. For every successful referral you send to the website, you earn additional points you can later on use to buy vouchers. Think of an amazing incentive your customers can’t say no to.

6. Spruce up your website.

They did say pictures speak louder than words. So a very clean and aesthetically beautiful website can garner a great number of audience, provided it’s user friendly and engaging.

If you could, strip the page of anything like headers, menus, footers, etc. At times, you want to provide minimum distractions from the content or opportunities to click away.

7. Provide free, helpful information to your customers.

The reason the web became so huge is because people want to find information fast and easy. Create a landing page that is uniquely designed to address a specific problem your product/service is addressing. So be sure to provide easy access to your most important information.

As stated in item #6 above, lessen or remove distractions for landing page effectivity.

8. Create amazing content with call-to-action (CTA).

Create amazing content like an ebook about some part of your product/service. Make it informative and beautiful. Then add a CTA graphic you can put on your website, bottom of blog posts, on social media and in your email signature.

Make a landing page for your CTA to expound on its message. Include a lead gathering form for users to leave their names and email before they could download the ebook. Successful lead generation must be followed up with an autoresponder email or some marketing feedback tool to nourish your relationship with the lead.

Remember this: You need to give before you can take. This applies a lot to online marketing.

9. Have a 60-second animated video.

A 1 minute videos is a powerful tool in variety of marketing initiatives. It can be placed on a company website, posted in social media, shown in trade-shows, meetings, and presentations. Videos promote higher viewer engagement, increased conversations, and improved SEO rankings.

10. Use email Marketing and RSS

Email marketing and RSS help businesses let their subscribers know the latest buzz related to their product / service. The only problem with email marketing is that the mail can go directly into the spam folder. Thus, using an email authentication method has become essential to resolve this problem.

11. SEO is important. But it’s not the only thing to focus on. Be more wary of your content.

A reminder: search engine algorithms continuously change. Thus, your rankings can fluctuate despite your efforts. Best way to stay on top? Focus on your visitors. How you can please them? How can you make sure they stay on your website?

The quality of information you give on the other hand, is forever. It will stay up there for everyone to access (unless you put the website down) and can be shared for years to come. Should your content be of essential importance to your market, you will be remembered by your contribution to the society.

12. Do a webinar or teleseminar.

A webinar can help build business contacts, showcase business as a recognized industry authority, promote a service/product, and maintain close communication with clients. In addition to that, this helps capture sales leads while keeping expenses low.

13. Start a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign.

PPC ads are great complements to SEO strategies. PPC are easy to set-up, can be launched quickly and sent to targeted traffic and qualified leads. This is a highly effective advertising method for marketers or business owners. The enormous potential reach to add traffic to your website is great, maximizing the return of your marketing investment while enabling measuring tools to determine how effective your campaigns are.

14. Don’t use all social media channels.

Each social media account has its own target market. You must know which market you need to reach to select the appropriate channel/s.


  • If you aim to network and gain business leads, use LinkedIn.
  • For a more personal engagement, go to Facebook.
  • To showcase products like a gallery or mall shelves, use Instagram and Pinterest.
  • For fast-paced updates to reach potential visitors, use Twitter.
  • To be found, greatly optimize content via Google+.
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Top 7 Common Questions Regarding SEO and Why You Should Use It On Your Website

The SEO process is never complete!

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We are getting a lot of questions about SEO from clients and we thought of compiling them here as reference to everyone who has similar questions about SEO.

Client: What tangible results can you give me from onsite-seo?

By definition, onsite SEO is fixing a website to make it search engine friendly. This is pretty technical and is not done for search engine compliance alone but also to drive results.

Here are some question guidelines to see if your website is optimized to be search-engine friendly:

1. Is your website using the right keywords to be found by search engines and be seen by your potential customers?

2. Is your website taking an enormous amount of time to display videos, photos and content? Onsite SEO can optimize content so it will be search engine and user friendly.

3. Is your content original, worth reading, and viral worthy with the right keywords in place?

Google has expert eyes to see if your website has relevant content. If Google finds your content spammy, has plagiarized content (with no credit or hyperlink to actual source), or of less quality, you should not expect your website be found on search engines.

Client: Why should I get SEO services?

SEO work is not a one man or two man’s job. It involves a team of experts working on different aspects of SEO. Team members are a copywriter, an SEO strategist, a proofreader, a linkbuilder, a data entry specialist and more.

You can think of an SEO team as a 24/7 marketing team which continues to work after office hours. Traffic from potential customers continues to go to your website. Building quality articles especially for highly competitive niches such as travel, food, health, real estate, etc. will take a lot of articles to be written, posts to be shared strategically, linking to other websites, referring traffic to your website, etc.

More so, search engines update their rules from time to time. It is the same with user behaviour’s online activities. Having your own reputable SEO company work for you will eliminate all guess work on how to overcome this changes and continue your increase in ranking in search engines.

Client: What benefit will I get form it?

Everybody uses the internet to research for a service or product before making a commitment (purchase). Having the right internet presence would surely direct customers and profit to you.

According to a Nielsen global survey,

… the Internet is an important influence on consumers interested in buying new products in categories like electronics (81%), appliances (77%), books (70%) and music (69%). The trend is catching on in consumption categories too—such as food and beverages (62%), personal hygiene (62%), personal health/over-the-counter medicines (61%) and hair care (60%)—with respondents in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East/Africa most engaged in online decision-making. More than half of all global respondents consider the Internet important when it comes to purchasing new clothing (69%) and cars (68%).

Client: What effective keywords should I use for me to rank number one?

Onsite SEO provides keyword research for you. To rank #1, paid ads can be used to give quicker results. For offsite SEO, it will take longer time to build traffic organically especially for those belonging in a tight niche or market (e.g. hospitality, health and wellness, travel, etc.)

Client: Why is SEO expensive?

As answered previously, SEO compromises a team of experts doing their function to give results.

Imagine paying a team of 5 or 10 people in a month (wages, benefits, plus all the motivational schemes to make their creative juices running), plus all the tools used to create, maintain and monitor your website’s search engine rankings.

However, if you compare the expenses of traditional media costs like in TV, print, or radio commercials which are shown in a limited time, and add the costs of producing these advertisements, you can benefit more with SEO which drives long term results and is one of the most affordable and effective marketing strategies.

Client: Why does it take so long to get results (for 6 months)?

Offsite SEO is the organic way of increasing search engine rankings. Of course it will take time to write contents, build an audience and links to drive enough traffic.

For faster results, you can opt for PPC. However, it can be pretty expensive especially if done constantly to retain rankings.

Client: What ROI will I get?

The more internet searches where your website would appear means more traffic, more people knowing your company, more potential customers. Next step for every SEO company is converting this leads into traffic. Data derived from analytics due to increased web traffic can also help your business make good decisions into where to focus your marketing and sales efforts.

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